Wonder how many people have been motivated to perform Rs gold just due to your videos lately. Way to earn the manner a lot less dead with just how a lot more people we have playing we find new methods to perform bosses/skills.

Yo dude, enjoy your content, especially the Morytania just UIM series. Seems like other people in the remarks love that too. Simply wanna say, I believe that you could probably include more from that journey in the articles you publish and therefore have the ability to publish more content.

You can take us over a single entire loop of the route to old school runescape gold for sale actually give us the impression of what it is like. I know that may seem boring for you and you're the creator so it's finally your say, but it actually seems like a lot of people want more Swampletics. As a super simple generalization, if you include 1/100th of your playtime on your videos instead of 1/500th that could be a way to make that happen! Another example may be temple hiking. I have never done that before, and seeing an whole temple trekking route could be fascinating!

I normally would not comment, but your movies are seriously amazing.

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